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Crowdsourcing for Problemsolving – Live!

ASAENext week the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition will take place and over 5,000 industry professionals will charge Atlanta to learn more from an association of almost  10,000 organizations. Their mission is to “transform society through the power of collaborative action.” And because crowdsourcing is one of the most unpredictable and useful tools in quantum leaps of collaboration, it’s no surprise that Monday afternoon will feature a live crowdsourcing event.

Right now, speakers Rich Johnston, Josh Folk and Maddie Grant along with ASAE have charged ASAE members with generating ideas to a question:

How can we facilitate higher-value connections as conferences such as ASAE?

They’ve tasked attendees (and non-attendees) with generating ideas about how to better meet up, connect, share, and solve problems together. Site visitors need only to submit ideas (before August 5th), review other submissions, and vote for the best one (without the pressure of being asked to solve the whole problem right then).

The site is already brimming with ideas, but the real results of this live experience won’t be dealt out until the in-person session on Monday at 3:15 p.m. in room B214. There, the existing content will begin to metamorphasize in front of the audience working to solve this shared problem.

The session description reads as follows:

“This highly interactive session will demonstrate how crowd-sourcing can be used with your members to solve mission-related challenges. You’ll be joined by online colleagues nationwide to work together LIVE to select a common association problem, identify possible solutions, and build on each other’s ideas—a real-time test of “the wisdom of crowds.” Bring a cell phone with Internet and texting capability. You determine the outcome of this session! Then put innovation into practice with your own members.”

So if you’re interested in seeing how a crowdsourcing process can take place in real time, be sure to share ideas or visit the session. Even if you’re not in the room, you can still take part – which really is one of the key benefits of any crowdsourcing initiative.

How would you better connect at events? How would you take networking to the next level?

What You Can Learn at Crowdopolis

The deadline for a free hotel upgrade to a suite at Crowdopolis is quickly approaching. Youalready know that if you’re in the IdeaScale network, you can take advantage of this offer when you register, but that’s not the reason that we’re attending Crowdopolis and it’s not the only reason that you should either.

The truth is, that despite how long crowdsourcing has been around as a concept, it is still evolving as a digital discipline that can alter business. When we’re talking to first timers (and let’s be honest, crowdsourcing veterans), there are still always questions:

How do I scale to my crowdsourcing investment?
How do I manage the process?
How do I engage my network and keep them active?

These are important issues and if you want to learn how other Fortune 500 companies are already using crowdsourcing to great effect and brainstorm with other enterprise-level experts, then you should come to Crowdopolis and find some answers that suit your business.

And remember: because we’re a Crowdopolis partner, we’re also glad to share a special offer with our clients: those who register before December 1st will receive a free hotel upgrade. Just use code “IS2012” when you register.

Register and let us know that you’re coming. We look forward to seeing you there on February 27 & 28th in NYC.

What questions do you want to have answered?

Join IdeaScale at Crowdopolis

Do you know where you’ll be on February 27th and 28th? We do. We’re going to be in the city so nice they named it twice: New York, NY.

IdeaScale will be attending Crowdopolis: the VIP crowdsourcing event. Speakers include GE, Kimberly-Clark, Walmart, and Microsoft, among many others and the key themes that they’ll be discussing is how to generate active and successful crowdsourcing communities, how to build organizations that are innovating with agility and how crowdsourcing can best serve enterprise-level business.

As a Crowdopolis partner, we’re happy to say that Crowdopolis is a resource that can help you answer some questions: how to tap into your network? How to engage your employees? How to impact your bottom line?

And because we’re a Crowdopolis partner, we’re also glad to share a special offer with our clients: those who register before December 1st will receive a free hotel upgrade to a suite. Just use code “IS2012” when you register.

We’ll be talking about how to make sure that people join and stay active in your community, but there are lots of other great sessions. Check out what was featured on the 2012 agenda.

And let us know if you’re coming – we’d love to meet up with you there.

Togather Profile

The trend continues to be towards empowering artists and empowering audiences. Only this time we’re not talking about how to crowdfund your next concert tour on Kickstarter, but (perhaps more importantly) how to crowdsource an audience for your next book tour

The tool is called Togather and it’s still in its nascent stages, but the crowd can really help Togather grow if they start coming on board and requesting their favorite authors.

This is how it works:

-Authors publish a profile with their availability.
-Interested fans send proposals for readings or events that can be approved or denied by the author.
-Fans promote the event through their networks.
-Events are only confirmed when enough people reserve books, tickets, or RSVPs.

I am immediately a fan of Togather for a few reasons:

-It’s free for authors to use and Togather only collects a 5% fee from online ticket sales.
-An event only takes place (gets “turned on” in Togather speek) when it meets certain minimums (whatever minimums the author outlines). Which means no more depressingly vacant bookstore readings. Much like Kickstarter, if a project doesn’t reach its funding goal, it doesn’t happen. If an event doesn’t reach its attendance goal, it doesn’t happen.
-Anyone can sign-up as an author and use it as a platform no matter how small or large the press that released their publication and it’s just one more way for the publication to gain momentum organically.

Who would you invite to your city? What other artistic mediums would benefit from the Togather model?