Innovation Happens Anywhere with a Flexible API

APIAccess_320X208Last month, IdeaScale showed how introducing an onsite public display could increase innovation community engagement in a webinar about Agora 2.0. If you didn’t get a chance to see how these researchers adapted IdeaScale’s API in order to make a streamlined, simplified onsite IdeaScale display, you can still view the webinar’s recording here.

This month however, we are opening the floodgates, as IdeaScale presents a complimentary webinar about how the API is being adopted and adapted by numerous organizations in order to reach their goals. Obviously, every IdeaScale generates a robust mine of qualitative data, but re-imagining ways that this data can be used in numerous creative formats is one of the most exciting opportunities presented by our API.

Join IdeaScale’s Josh Folk as he speaks to the open data possibilities presented by IdeaScale’s flexible API in this complimentary webinar on November 21st, 2013 at 9 a.m. PST.

Not only will Folk review a variety of API use cases, he will also speak to future potential applications of the API and review its documentation. This 30-minute webinar will cover: community appearance, data graphic display, data review, and much more as presented in examples like EA Sports, IdeaLytics, Agora 2.0 and so forth. The webinar will include a Q&A portion at its end.

To join this webinar, click here.

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