Inteligencias Improves Processes, Products and Services

 marcelInteligencias is a  Mexico-based consultancy that works with companies in both the public and the private sector. Recently, Inteligencias joined the IdeaScale partner network and is applying IdeaScale in some new and interesting ways. IdeaScale had the opportunity to chat with Marcel Julien and asked him to answer a few questions. You can learn more about Inteligencias and IdeaScale below.

IdeaScale: Tell me about yourself and your role at Inteligencias.
Marcel Julien: My name is Marcel Julien, I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and an MBA in Economic Intelligence, I am the cofounder of Inteligencias as well as its  CEO.

IdeaScale: What separates Inteligencias from other consultancies?
MJ: Inteligencias holds in its DNA the full meaning of the words “competitive” and “innovation” put together. Our trademark value lies in the way we select and apply competitive intelligence methods to the social innovation field and framework. Information is the core material of our services and our partners are those who deliver the best technologies that deal with information on the market. This is why we partnered with Ideascale as a crowdsourcing tool for organizations and governments.

IdeaScale: How do you see your clients using IdeaScale?
MJ: Ideascale is a power tool that offers a virtual space for feedback within users. It is a powerful tool for improving our clients’ processes, products and services through feedback. We see it as a space where ideas do not get lost; it grasps and channels them effectively through questioning and planning.

IdeaScale: What do you think the future of collaborative digital engagement will be?
MJ: Digital Collaboration is a bi-directional responsibility. The more we get used to digital collaboration, the more crowdsourcing tools like Ideascale will find their legitimacy. You cannot ask for feedback without effective tools that have enough capacity to integrate that feedback, and therefore to engage clients into integrating its results into their processes, products and services. Digital collaboration is in its early stages; this is why we are honored to work with Ideascale to enhance collaborative digital engagements.

To learn more about Inteligencias, visit their website.
For more information on the IdeaScale partner program, click here.

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