The Business of Innovation: How Different Customers Do It

infopreview23051% of all current crowdsourcing activities are dedicated to creativity and knowledge sharing. That number is reported to us from without regard for industry, application, or software. That means that the majority of crowdsourcing is dedicated to innovating with the help of the crowd.

Now, every organization is different. Some of IdeaScale’s clients want to use our platform for cost-savings, some of our customers want to use it for product feedback, and some of our members are just using it for feedback on how they can survive the apocalypse. But the basic process for meeting those goals is the same. You start with the belief that the crowd has some valuable input to contribute and you go from there.

That’s the front end of the process, anyways: collection. That, in itself requires a lot of steps for success, including defining goals, assigning a team, beginning outreach, encouraging engagement and much more. But, in an analysis of all of our top users, IdeaScale came to realize that there are four very common phases to ANY innovation initiative. We’ve tailored our tool to that methodology and the infographic below gives an overview of that process.


To download the complete infographic and to learn more about the innovation methodology, retrieve the full pdf here.

Of course, there are many other fields to consider within each step and every organization is as different as its goals and its crowd, but the starting point is always the same and the companies who are succeeding at it have optimized for each step of the innovation lifecycle.

Are there other steps to the innovation process? How do you define innovation success?

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