Partner Spotlight: Peoplerise on a World without Creative Boundaries

alessandro2Peoplerise has a mission to build engaged and high-performance organizations. Now Peoplerise has joined IdeaScale’s partner network and is applying IdeaScale in some new and interesting ways. IdeaScale had the opportunity to chat with Alessandro Rossi and asked him to answer a few questions. You can learn more about Peoplerise and IdeaScale below.

IdeaScale: Tell me about yourself and your role at Peoplerise.
Alessandro Rossi: A warm “hello” to the IdeaScale community and thanks for this interview. I’m a management consultant with a deep passion for helping people and organizations learn and move forward at Peoplerise. I’ve always been a sort of marketing “geek” and that’s probably why I see a strong connection between the marketing and  people management fields. In the end, both customers and employees are “People”, and as we say in our Peoplerise payoff: people will always be essential! That’s why, among other tasks, I’m also in charge of constantly scouting easy tech tools that bring customers approaches in the internal field of the organization: employees.

IS: What separates Peoplerise from other consultancies?
AR: We are internally organized in an innovative way that allow us to deliver continuous innovation to our clients. We have no hierarchy, we’re a hub of brains and we see leadership as a way to boost the individual and collective creativity. That’s why we can offer cutting-edge solutions that incorporate all the new trends such as big data, gamification, crowdsourcing. These are all generated in line with our core values: love, vision, design, simplicity, execution, easy tech. And that’s where IdeaScale comes in!

IS: What does it mean to prioritize engagement AND performance?
AR: That’s the basic assumption of our innovation. We see in the business world two typical patterns: on one hand we see projects just focused on performance, forgetting the roots from which performance grows; on the other hand, we’ve seen too many approaches in the people management consultancy just focused on engagement.  It’s linking the two objectives and having constant attention to engagement and performance on an individual, team and organizational level, in order to drive sustainable, long-lasting results.  Every piece of innovation we create must balance both engagement and performance. It’s like a farmer: you need and you’re expected to deliver a new plant (performance), but your work is improving the quality of the invisible soil (engagement) by working on the visible topsoil that link the two.

IS: How do you see your clients using IdeaScale?
AR: We have an “agile” approach where the importance of co-creating the “new” with all people involved in change is central to project success. We see IdeaScale as a great tool to help organizations in prototyping and co-creating the “new” with their employees, focusing, of course, on both engagement and performance.

IS: What do you think the future of collaborative digital engagement will be?
AR: I have no sure answers for this! I think that the world all around us is in a deep pattern of transformation and we’re entering  an era in which all  three words you mentioned are fundamental: “collaborative,” “digital,” and “engagement.” We are moving through a change that will probably view the customers as partners for innovation and employees as more of a creative class rather than just an operative one. Collaboration will probably happen out of the organizational boundaries linking all People in a world made of employees and customers all together: employees will be customers, customers will be employees.

To learn more about Peoplerise, visit their website.
For more information on the IdeaScale partner program, click here.

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