IdeaScale: The Spigit Alternative

8286501659_50c6f8bc8e_oIdeaScale has celebrated a number of milestones in the past month: new migration capabilities, largest innovation software provider threshold, and a new executive vice president of sales. Spoiler alert: there’s definitely more on the horizon.

IdeaScale has also launched a new migration promotion. For current Spigit customers that still have a few months remaining in their contract, IdeaScale will honor those remaining months with free IdeaScale service. Additionally, IdeaScale can offer free migration to those clients that wish to maintain all of their existing data and apply it to their new community.

The migration service comes from Import2. Import2 is a simple, easy-to-use online data import service that helps businesses transfer corporate data between cloud apps. It’s as simple as clicking a button: no CSV files and totally hassle free.

The process is easy: just contact the IdeaScale sales team and they’ll be able to share more details and get the process started for you. We’re prepared to tell you about the health of our company and our agile development team that allows us to meet all custom development needs in excess of our regular feature offerings.

If you have any other questions about IdeaScale and our migration capabilities, please let us know.

What else do you want to see from IdeaScale? What do you want to do with innovation management?

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