IdeaScale Innovation Methodology

infopreview230IdeaScale has been working with their clients and partner network to develop a rich methodology that is lightweight enough to serve any organization. After numerous interviews, workshops, and IdeaScale community feedback, The COLLECT, SELECT, ASSESS, and DELIVER innovation process was developed and product development was tailored to meet the new procedure.

Some of our clients have already noticed the restructured administrator panel, but for those of you who don’t know, we’ll explain how each section is in stride with the innovation process.

The overall global settings have optimized the idea collection phase of open innovation.  We’ve made the collection stage a rich engaging experience for users: they can collaborate in multiple languages, they can share from anywhere on any device, they’re competing to achieve in the gamified badge experience, recognizing one another’s contributions and getting invited back to vote on similar ideas. All of this is controlled in the settings section of any IdeaScale tool.

But after the clamor of the crowd’s contributions, ideas need to be filtered, organized and categorized. This is the selection phase where ideas are routed, shared, owned, and moderated by subject matter experts. All of this happens in the workflow module of IdeaScale.

The ideas that have risen to the top through crowd feedback and moderator commentary are then subjected to the assessment phase. Ideas are enhanced, prioritized, and subjected to further evaluation. In IdeaScale, this means that ideas are managed in the assessment module so that moderators and admins can delve deeper by asking relevant questions and comparing ideas for feasibility.

Finally, those ideas are ripe for implementation and enter the deliver phase. Ideas are tracked through the lifecycle and IdeaScale uses its integration module to synch with project management programs to track  the progress of ideas through to completion.

Knowing that 57% of people talk more online than they do in real life, it’s important for businesses to be able to tap into (and participate) in that online conversation so that they can make choices about their next generation of business. To learn more about the IdeaScale Methodology, download the full infographic here.

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