SXSW: Last Chance to Vote, But Just the Beginning of the Process

sxswvote17458Polling is in the air this week, because SXSW is doing it’s final public push for voting. Unlike a lot of other conferences, SXSW has the means and the engaged audience to be able to make the panel selection process for each conference since the year 2007. And considering the conferences growth over the past several years, investing in crowd opinion is obviously paying off.

Certainly, IdeaScale is excited to hear from two of our successful clients: the State of Michigan and the NYC Comptroller. Both of these engagements represent the stellar work of the social media gurus who engaged and organized millions of voices in their innovation process – certainly no easy task. But when those decisions are impacting billions of dollars, it’s important to be able to not just understand, but to make that data actionable.

But at IdeaScale, we really do love voting so we’re excited about this week whether our panel is in the mix or not. We built our business around it and we know that the process continues long after the polls have closed and leaders, management, or panel reviewers are left to the next steps: assessing multiple factors of audience, feasibility, marketing, etc. In short: all of the things that take place with the experts on the back end.

That’s why IdeaScale built in their workflow, assessment and integration modules to help steward ideas through the rest of the idea lifecycle. For SXSW, that process means engaging the input of their advisory boards and the SXSW staff. We won’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but we’ll all know what the massive agenda will be come October.

Stop by, vote and share your thoughts on or panel or others. Why do you think voting is important? What are you most excited to see at SXSW?

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