IdeaScale Introduces Open Innovation to Lower All Barriers to Participation

newsflashBerkeley, CA, August 30th, 2013 – IdeaScale is pleased to announce additions to its product roadmap as part of its commitment to open innovation. IdeaScale’s open innovation mandate is dedicated to eliminating all barriers to digital ideation regardless of industry, device, or software.

Based on the principles elucidated by Henry Chesbrough, the concept of open innovation postulates that there are no barriers to collaboration, communication, innovation, or ideation.

IdeaScale has continued to introduce new feature updates in cadence with this concept over the course of the past twelve months, including an open API that is available for development integrations in multiple formats, an offline iteration of their product, and a portable community widget that can be embedded in any online experience.

Now, IdeaScale has introduced the “open import” tool that allows users to easily import all open innovation data from other existing idea management solutions like Spigit, Get Satisfaction, UserVoice and others. The result of a new partnership with Import2, now even companies that use alternative technology can benefit from IdeaScale with a single click.

This new feature was added due to several Spigit account migrations and is launched in tandem with other competitive feature updates, including the idea assessment tool and workflow automation.


About IdeaScale:

IdeaScale is the leading innovation software solution for idea management and suggestion box software. The software allows organizations to involve the opinions of their public and private communities by collecting their ideas and giving them a platform to vote. The most important ideas bubble to the top and a community is built around this feedback. For more information about IdeaScale, visit

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