The Advaiya IdeaScale Hackathon: Ten New Applications

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 3.10.18 PMAdvaiya is a partner who specializes in both technology and innovative strategy. They serve both small businesses and as well as Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft and Google. When we were first advancing our IdeaScale partnership program and working with Advaiya, they presented the idea of a Hackathon in which they would challenge their developers to create new applications on top of the IdeaScale technology. That’s how confident they are in their talent: they can take innovation management software and innovate on top of it on any given day.

Because IdeaScale is a platform that is meant to be lightweight enough to apply in multiple formats with various goals, we thought it was a perfect fit for a Hackathon. After all, developers have already done a lot of work to apply the IdeaScale API in different formats.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 3.09.54 PMSo, just a few weeks ago, the Advaiya office opened its doors on a Saturday morning to accommodate ten teams that built ten new applications. The caffeine and snacks were present in abundance throughout the day and at the end of eight hours, there were ten new ways to use IdeaScale. Some of the new applications developed in the Advaiya hackathon include an SMS gateway, a sentiment gauge, and a parenting solutions website.

Watch a video with highlights from the event here.

How would you adapt the IdeaScale technology? What truly defines innovative thinking within a company like Advaiya?

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