The Mobile Research Community

Many companies are embracing the power of mobile research. As we discussed in an earlier post, eMarketer predicts that by 2015, 43% of the US mobile population will own smartphones and that smartphones will eventually outsell PCs. Which means that researchers could possibly be present in the pockets of their target audiences right now.

And now Survey Analytics is introducing SurveySwipe which is a community-based mobile research platform. Users receive occasional surveys that they elect to be a part of. Those responses generate information for researchers while also rewarding respondents with points for their opinions. Points for users. Immediate, site-specific feedback for researchers. And now, SurveySwipe is offering companies a free three-month demo of the Mobile Research Communities pilot program on the SurveySwipe website. This seems like a great opportunity for companies that are looking for a direct line to their users, but also a great way for survey takers to gain rewards. I’m personally in it for the Amazon gift certificates.

Survey Analytics CEO, Vivek Bhaskaran, says “As the industry continues to trend more and more towards mobile interaction, it is essential to gather feedback from this source.”

That’s why you see Ideascale offering the iPhone feedback widget. That’s why businesses like OpenMaps and OneBusAway are making sure that they collect feedback from their customers in real-time, directly from a user’s mobile device.

How do you reach out to specific audiences? Is mobile the best way to get responses from your users?

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