Durex turns to crowdsourcing

Condom companies around the world have been asking themselves the following question since the advent of television advertising: How can we harness all the brilliant ideas of guys hanging out in bars who have “the best idea for a condom commercial?” Durex, working with its incumbent ad agency McCann Erickson, was the first to realize that the answer was, of course, a crowdsourcing contest on the brand’s website. Offering cash prizes and the placement of the winning ad on MTV, Durex is accepting video uploads until November 30th. At the website, participants “will have the opportunity to rate and comment on the entries”.

Having a closer look at the fine print regarding the company’s panel of judges, the terms read that “the panel is not obliged to choose the entry with the highest public rating”. Hmmm… does that defeat the purpose of a crowdsourced contest or does it make sense? Not the world’s most provocative question, but if you have an answer, leave it in comments. And have a safe weekend.

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