New IdeaScale Feature: Custom Fields for Selective Emailing

Custom fields is another advanced feature of IdeaScale that enables powerful customization of your community. There are basically two ways for a community moderator to collect information to associate with members: info can either be collected via the sign-up form when users register for IdeaScale, or certain questions can be built into an idea submission. For example, if a moderator asked “What is your department?” on the sign-up form, that data could be stored in IdeaScale for later.

The “custom fields” data can then be used in a number of ways–the newest of which is within emails that go out to community members. When the moderator clicks “email idea” from the Idea Detail screen of any idea, they can email the idea to a certain subset of people. Borrowing from the examle above, this might mean sending email only to people in a particular department, (ie. accounting, marketing, HR, etc). See the links below to learn more about custom fields and emailing.

More info:

  • Custom Field Settings
  • Email Settings: User Notifications
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