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We’re going to go ahead and assume you’re on Facebook. Fair enough assumption, right? Now, we’re going to assume that once in a while, you see a friend post a dumb question to their feed that has a very google-able answer. You might be a smug, not-so-friendly friend and link them to their answer with the help of Let Me Google That For You. Sometimes, though, questions are posted to Facebook because they aren’t Google-friendly. And in these situations, sometimes the best place to go is where you have a network of friends who are happy to share their knowledge.

Facebook is stepping its other foot into the realm of crowdsourcing with a new tool called Facebook Questions, which will put an “Ask Question” button on a user’s profile. When the user posts a question, it will be visible not only to their immediate network of friends, but the entire Facebook Community as well. One particularly cool feature of Questions is an integrated poll that will allow the post author the opportunity to get a huge response in terms of popular opinion.

Leveraging their incomprehensible amount of user info, Facbook Questions will show questions to respondents based on their interests. Likewise, those looking for answers will be able to browse and search Questions by using the keywords with which the questions were tagged when created.

The service is still in closed beta, but will be available to all of Facebook’s 500 million+ users soon. What do you think of the concept? Will Facebook Questions be a useful resource or a diluted clusterlump? Please leave your thoughts.

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