New IdeaScale Feature: Merge Idea

More than one person can have the same bright idea, so sometimes it’s necessary to manually merge two or more duplicate ideas together. IdeaScale now includes a simple merge tool to assist moderators in combining redundant ideas together quickly and easily. Once logged into your community as a moderator, click on the title of an idea to the Idea Detail Screen. When you click on the “merge” icon in the right navigation, the Idea Merge Cart appears. The merge cart is used to collect all the duplicate ideas you’ve found related to the same topic. The first idea you add to the cart is the “parent idea” (or the primary idea). All other ideas added to the cart are the “child ideas” – these ideas will be added as comments to the parent idea. In addition, comments added to the child idea will be appended to the parent idea. Once you add two or more ideas, you’ll have the option to merge them together. Note that once the merge operation is completed, the operation cannot be undone. Happy merging.

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