The President’s SAVE Award, powered by IdeaScale

As you know, IdeaScale is used heavily by dozens of federal agencies. One of the most active federal government communities powered by IdeaScale is The President’s SAVE Award. Now in its second year, The SAVE (Securing Americans’ Value and Efficiency) Award was established to enable Federal employees from across the government to submit their ideas for efficiencies and savings as part of the annual Budget process. Last year, the Executive Office of the President of the United States received 38,000 SAVE Award responses in just three weeks. This year, the SAVE Award project was expanded so Federal employees could not only submit ideas, but also vote them up or down as a community. IdeaScale is very proud to host the site, where over 145,000 votes have been cast already and ideas will continue to be shared until the deadline on Sunday, July 29th. The winner of the SAVE Award, announced in September, will be the individual who proposes the most valuable idea. But… in greater scheme of things, we’re all winners when our government runs more efficiently.

More info:

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