Karma Cup wins the betacup Challenge

The betacup challenge, powered by crowdsourcing engine Jovoto, was created in an effort to reduce the 58 billion paper coffee cups that go to waste each year. Founded in May 2009 by Toby Daniels and Colaboratorie Mutopo, the Starbucks-backed contest invited participants to submit ideas, and also to comment on and rate others’ ideas, and engage in discussions with other community members and contest jurors.

Many of the ideas submitted were physical design concepts, but the winner announced yesterday was an entry that thought outside the coffee cup: the incentive-based idea called the Karma Cup which encourages customers to bring reusable cups to their local Starbucks shop for a 1-in10 chance to will a free coffee. Hmm. 1 out of 10 ain’t bad odds!

It’s refreshing to see major corporations embracing crowdsourcing for the greater good, and it’s also impressive to see so much participation and public interest around what’s a very serious part of America’s larger waste problem. To get an idea of the immense carbon footprint of 58 billion coffee cups annually, check out this engaging video betacup put together:

It’s too late to vote, but it’s not too late to consider a reusable mug for your morning cup ‘a joe.

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