New IdeaScale Feature: Off Topic ideas

The open exchange of ideas is what makes IdeaScale as powerful as it is, but there are definitely some cases where a moderator may want off topic or… bad ideas to be less visible.

To protect the flow and relavance of your ideas, consider taking advantage of IdeaScale’s new Off Topic feature, where off topic ideas are placed into a special category in a separate area of your community. Ideas moved to “Off Topic” will not show up under the Recent, Popular, In Review or Complete tabs that are part of the default navigation. Instead, Off Topic ideas can be found via the left nav menu. Community members can still get to the idea and even link directly to it, but it will not be part of your main stream of ideas.

Moving ideas to “Off Topic” is a great technique for dealing with controversial ideas without completely deleting them or making them invisible (and thus running into possible free speech issues).

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