Goverment 2.0 – Moving Beyond Participation and Engagement

The following excerpt, from the article Goverment 2.0–Moving Beyond Participation and Engagement, comes to IdeaScale from the blog of ResearchAccess, a new online resource “dedicated to a simple proposition: Market Research, Customer Intelligence, and data should be freely available to all who seek it”. Research Access was created by Survey Analytics President and CEO Vivek Bhaskaran. IdeaScale looks forward to periodically sharing content from the Research Access blog.

Ever since Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, technology and internet for politics has changed from a medium to a platform. The 2008 campaign is often cited as a case study for its inordinate and efficient use of the internet, online-tools and services to engage and organize campaign workers, messaging, and everything in between. Here are some bits and pieces of information that I’ve overheard:

  • The campaign website was built on Drupal (Open Source)
  • The campaign allowed you to invite others to join the movement and create geographic communities
  • The campaign used SMS/Text messaging to announce the VP Pick – thereby communicating not only via email, but now through SMS/text also.
  • This wave was then moved over to the Administration in early 2009 and Goverment 2.0 was born. As Richard Freidman says – “You name it – you own it” — Tim O’Reilly coined and promulgated the term – Gov 2.0. It encapsulated the notion of using technology for better government.

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