Craig Newmark: “Peter’s doing big stuff to fix gov’t”.

If you were in attendence for the Encouraging Citizen Feedback and Employee Engagement talk at the Gov 2.0 Expo yesterday morning, you heard first-hand how Peter Levin and Dan Munz have been using IdeaScale in their important work to improve government. It was great to follow the Twitter stream of yesterday’s talk, where there were some interesting take-aways and 140-character distillations. Here’s what a few people were saying:

@jack_holt: Peter Levin #g2e take away: quit thinking no and start finding yes.

@simplydan: #g2e Focus on outcomes. As long as process is ethical, legal, fair, transparent, don’t get hung up on the process. Peter Levin

@NuhaE: Dan Munz says citizen engagement makes gov’t better. #G2E

@gbyehuda: Dan Munz: Citizen Engagement important NOT because it’s cool, fun, flashy, different, modern, but because it makes gov’t better. #g2e

@thomkearney: key ingredient for ideation success is committment to engage. Dan Munz #g2e

@jacquebrown: Encouraging Citizen/Employee Engagement w/@dan_munz (GSA) and Peter Levin (VA) was the most applicable preso yet – Thx 4 your insight! #g2e

The most amusing part of the Levin/Munz thread was the dialougue between Dan Munz and (the real) Craig Newmark:

@dan_munz: Hey @craignewmark: VA CTO Levin shouted you out on our panel this morning at #g2e. He’s a rockstar!

@craignewmark: Dan, thanks! Peter’s doing big stuff to fix gov’t, also Todd Park RT @dan_munz: Hey VA CTO Levin shouted you out … #g2e. He’s a rockstar!

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