Watch Words

Is “Market Research” as we know it dead? What can we learn from VHS technology?

Watching what people do is a powerful technique. Watch long enough and you may start to see some patterns emerge that are of significance. Google has provided us with a great tool to study what search terms people use. If you go to you can type in any combination of words and get a display showing how frequently those words showed up in search terms since 2004. It’s great for looking at how interests and fashions have evolved. For instance you can clearly see the rise of “Hannah Montana” as a Disney star. From nothing in 2005 to her peak in 2009, staying at home instead of going on holiday, suddenly gets searches in early 2008 a symptom of the economic times.

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Andrew Jeavons serves as Managing Director for Nebu USA. With over 25 years in the market research industry, Andrew is a frequent writer and speaker for various publications and events around the country.

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