IdeaScale Case Study: OpenMaps iPhone Application

Feedback moves pretty quick in the iPhone apps marketplace. It can take just one small bug in a newly released or updated app to see your iTunes store reviews plummet. What’s worse, waiting for the app store to approve a fix for the problem can be an excruciating wait.

Zsombor Szabó, creator of OpenMaps, wanted to avoid just that problem with his future releases. To solve the problem, he implemented our IdeaScale iPhone feedback widget within OpenMaps. In just under a day, he was up and running with a new version of OpenMaps, collecting ideas and feedback right within the app – no need to leave the application to send an email or fill out a web form.

“We collected feedback via email, Twitter and GetSatisfaction too, and still do. The IdeaScale iPhone widget was supposed to be an experiment. It turned out to be a hit as we received much more user feedback than before. It seems people really like giving feedback right from within the application.”

Interested in collecting feedback within your iPhone apps? Learn more about the IdeaScale iPhone feedback widget and OpenMaps from the links below.

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