Custom Fields on Users

Lots of new IdeaScale features on the horizon. Stay tuned here as we release them…

Since day-one when we launched IdeaScale, “custom fields on users” have been a consistent request. We have finally got all our ducks in a row to launch this feature. Collecting basic information about your IdeaScale user community is probably one of the most important things you can do. Where are people coming from? How did they hear about your community?

We’ve now made it much easier to gain deeper insight into IdeaScale users by giving you the ability to add questions (or custom fields) to a profile. Now you can add basic questions to the new user registration form. For example, you can ask your users such questions as  ”What is your zip code?” or “What is your age?”.

To add/delete/update custom fields to your users profile: Login->Choose Community->Custom Fields

After adding custom fields, when users signup, they will be asked to fill out the profile. Once you start capturing this data, there are a few neat tools available at your disposal. For example, automated reports for each of the fields are produced. If one of your questions in your custom profile is a “Gender” question, you can get a high level overview of the gender distribution of your community.

Login -> Choose Community -> Reports -> User Report

Searching: If you are looking for users that match a particular profile (Males between 21-25) and would like to search for users within your community that match that profile, you can do that easily.

Login -> Choose Community -> Users -> Search

Exporting Data: Of course the User Export functionality also has been enhanced to include custom fields on the Excel Report.

Login -> Choose Community -> Reports -> Export Data

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