iPhone App Feedback with IdeaScale

One of the biggest struggles that iPhone app developers encounter is the difficulty with collecting feedback without interrupting the user experience. As more and more applications flood the iPhone app store, this crowded marketplace gets more and more competitive each and every day. Unfortunately, the feedback model as provided by the iTunes app store generally sways towards negative feedback that is slow to finally reach the developers (ex. rating an application upon un-install).

To solve this problem, we partnered with cavoort.com, an iPhone consultancy, to develop a feedback widget powered by IdeaScale. When added to any iPhone application with just one line of code, feedback can now be collected in real time. Learn about nasty bugs as your users encounter them and fresh ideas as your users dream them up — all directly inside your iPhone application.

Are you an iPhone developer that needs to collect feedback? Try out the IdeaScale cocoa widget for iPhone in your application today.

If you have an iPhone, you can try out this widget now by installing “MeasureMe” in the iTunes application store. Note that version 1.2 or higher of MeasureMe includes the  plugin (as of this writing, it is still awaiting approval in the iTunes App Store).

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    This is a great thing. We are starting to develop http://shieldskins.com apps and this is a solution to one of the problems that we have talked about. Seems like it will work great.

  2. I see you did not post any update is it posible to know how it when did you have a succesfull experience with cavoort I like to know cause I also develop apps and once in a wile get stuck.

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