Using Technology for Wisdom

In 1990, technology was about data.  In 2000, technology was about intelligence.  In 2010, what we need is for technology to be about wisdom.  We learned early that despite the fact that data was “cool,” it wasn’t truly empowering.  Intelligence, it was thought, would be empowering, actionable, and complete.  Intelligence was certainly better than data so half of the promise was fulfilled.  But the other half, was not- intelligence allowed us to take action but not to do so by incorporating more than a few of the myriad relevant dimensions.   Wisdom is about a higher-order “intelligence” that allows us to make decisions based not only only the  experiences of the past but also but on the fast-changing voltage of the present, and the sustainability of future states.

Am I right?  Is wisdom the outcome we seek? Please comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Romi Mahajan writes about turning data into Wisdom as part of Atigeo, a Bellevue, WA based company building a new breed of “intelligent” technology that connects disparate data in unique ways to create individualized interactions and experiences of unprecedented relevance.

One response to “Using Technology for Wisdom

  1. Romi, Spot on! Data was used as a synonym for intelligence for too long. We have drowned in Data (I recall a great book in the late nineties called Data Smog) and have just begun to glean knowledge.

    You touch on decision-making. Could you elaborate? Could the Hive Mind help us make better decisions in those ‘future states?’