Crowdsource The Healthcare Debate

healthcaredebateThere is much talk about the healthcare bills that are being proposed in the press right now. However, one thing that has been bugging us is how difficult it is to understand what elements of health care reform are most important to people. We wondered, if one had to forgo a component of H.R. 3200 for another, what elements would it be?

Naturally we thought, “why not crowdsource it?” The end result is an IdeaScale community using our new “poker chip” style voting system.

The rules for this system of voting is simple:

  • each user gets 30 votes that they can apply to any of the ideas.
  • users can vote more than once – but only up to the allocated 30 votes.
  • at any point you can re-allocate your votes if you change your mind.

We then broke up all the main parts of H.R. 3200 into their own ideas on the community. The resulting community allows each user to vote on a section of the bill, deciding which elements of the bill are most important to them.

Take a spin and let us know what you think!

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