Google is no longer the undusputed king – Twitter Search Rules.

I started using google back in 1997 – when I was a student at BYU – We were trying to solve a programming assignment and one of my buddies told me about this cool search engine called Google – better than HotBot, Lycos or even Yahoo. We searched on Google – found the answer to our question on the first page – since been addicted to Google.

Yes – there is Bing – but seriously – as they say in the MS campus – the only people who use MSN/Live Search are the people who have not figured out how to change the default Home page on IE.

Today – however Google failed me – I use adium (IM Client) to connect to all the messaging networks (Adium connects to Yahoo, MSN Messenger, Facebook etc.) – For the last two or three days Adium has not been able to connect to the Yahoo servers. At first obviously I thought this was some issue with my network. I wanted to see if others are experiencing this same issue and what the solution could be:

As with everthing, I googled it – Could not find anything interesting! There were a couple of results, but they were referencing blogs/content created months ago!



I then searched for the same search terms on Twitter:


I downloaded the nightly build of Adium – and bliss….

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