Hot Mashups: The IdeaScale API

“…when government makes data available, it makes itself
more accountable and creates more trust in its actions,
” – Ellen
Miller, Sunlight Foundation

IdeaScale includes a powerful API right out of the box that lets you dream up application mash-ups that we never even thought of. We’re hoping to open up as many of these as we can to get the create juices flowing! What are all the options? Lets review:

XML Data Dump

You can now publish a “snap-shot” of your idea data in an RSS XML format for anyone to download and manipulate (this only applies to non-private portals). Simply switch to your “Reports” tab and then click “Export Data”. From there, developers can access the XML download via your community’s API page (click “developers” at the footer of your portal).


Developer Page

Speaking of this, you’ll notice that every IdeaScale portal includes a developer page. From here, potential developers can request an API key to get access, as well as gain documentation on the latest methods that are available.


You don’t have to be a code-slinger though to integrate your IdeaScale community with your website, though. There are IdeaScale widgets that are a simple and easy way to collect feedback in almost any siutation. Every IdeaScale community also has a widgets page that include an “Hot Ideas” and the “Daily IdeaFix” (click the “widgets” link in the footer of your community).


Other widgets are accessible right within IdeaScale: click on the “Publish” tab, and then the “Widget” link.  Here you’ll have access to code snippets to add a feedback tab and a “mini-view” of your feedback community (both employed on this website on the left and right navigation.

More Info:

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