QuestionPro 1 Month Free Twitter Giveaway

twitter-sms.jpg“Advertising works most effectively when it’s in line with what people are already trying to do.”  -Mark Zuckerberg

Twitter has seen explosive growth the past few months. Everyone is wondering if its the “social network du jour” or if it’ll actually stick and turn into something useful (and if so, what that “something” actually turns out to be).

As you can imagine, we are keeping a close eye on these things, b/c when you need to do online research, you have to follow rule number one: follow the people. There are more and more people dumping email and communicating to me solely through Facebook – so why would I sent them an email to ask them to take a survey or give feedback at a new portal? If I’m looking for people 35 and older, wouldn’t I want to be aware of where that demographic is migrating to?

You’re going to see more and more features from us that’ll help you reach these people, in new and innovative ways. Facebook connect for QuestionPro surveys and IdeaScale communities, Facebook applications for IdeaScale, and more. Keep an eye out here, and let us know if there is a feature you’d like to see.

One thing that Twitter most definitely does well with is customer support. And as you might imagine, we are on Twitter: @questionpro, @ideascale, and @micropoll. We are out there, answering questions, keeping tabs of the conversation, and generally just listening the best we can.

And what blog post about Twitter wouldn’t be complete without a RT giveaway!? We’ll give away a free month of service if you “retweet” and follow us. For the uninitiated, here is how it’ll work:

  • Follow @questionpro with your Twitter account
  • Tweet the following message, “#questionpro RT and follow @questionpro for 1 free month of service”
  • Send a direct message to us and tell us how you use our tools. Include your username or email address associated with your account (so we can know which account to upgrade).
  • That’s it!

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  1. Paul Chaney

    I tried to DM you re. the contest, but you’re not following me yet. Here’s my response…
    We use QuestionPro to do customer service/satisfaction survey primarily.
    My email addy is:
    Follow me, would ya! 🙂