IdeaScale: Large Scale Communities and Moderators

Large IdeaScale feedback communities require multiple moderators in order to keep the conversation flowing and engage the community. To that end, we’ve gone ahead and added a few features that’ll make moderators much happier:

  • Assigned Ideas – now you can assign an idea to a moderator when on the manage idea screen. In addition, the assigned moderator will see the ideas that have been assigned to them. This is a great way to organize ideas and assign responsibility.
  • Idea Merging – this is a small enhancement, but very valuable for moderators: ideas, when merged, are placed into the comments of the parent idea. A few moderators have asked for this since they need to demonstrate who has contributed to the life cycle of an idea (which can easily be seen in the comments section now

Are you a moderator and have an idea for an enhancement to IdeaScale? Please leave feedback on our OWN IdeaScale community:

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