Innovative IdeaScale Portal Ideas

I was chatting with a customer the other day about their various planned uses for IdeaScale – I was blown away at all the different areas of the company that would use it in different ways. A quick poll around the office found some even more interesting use cases from other customers. Here are just a few that came to mind:

  1. Customer Facing Support Portal

I’m sure you’ve seen this many times: you search in a support forum for an issue you’re having and you get back a zillion responses to the same question that you get to sift through for the answer. IdeaScale is a living FAQ/forum/support portal all in one. The most popular  (and unique) issues and solutions bubble up to the top. And not only does it provide answers for your customers automatically, it also provides your company with ideas on where to improve (hint, hint?)

2.  Innovation Portal Per Team

A unique feature of IdeaScale is its ability to create different portals quickly and easily, but still create synergy between the different portals. One of our clients created IdeaScale portals for Sales, Marketing, Shipping, as well as a corporate level portal. The best ideas from any of the group level portals can be “graduated” or promoted to the corporate level portal for additional review my upper management.

3.  Issue Tracker

Countless times some project manager tells me to rank each issue/task as low, medium, or high. The decision on how to rank an issue is then left to just one or two people to pick how important something is (or a lot of painful status meetings where its chosen as a group). Instead let your group decide with a simple IdeaScale portal.

4. High Value Customer

A few of our customers create unique IdeaScale portals for all of their high value clients. This allows them to provide yet another service to their support offering above and beyond the standard package. In addition, ideas can be graduated up to an internal portal to be escalated to the appropriate group with an organization.

Can you think of any other interesting ways to use IdeaScale?

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