Wiki Style Editing of Ideas

help-545-1.gifI was speaking with a client a few weeks ago about the high volume of ideas coming through their portal. With the recent economic downturn, they were not able to acquire more resources for their team to moderate the influx of ideas and suggestions. Upon further review, we found that about 50% of the moderators time was spent updating/revising ideas based on the comments that come in. Virtually all of these comments were merged directly into the original idea – basically half of the moderation work wasn’t adding any real value!

It makes more sense to leverage your crowd by allowing them to revise ideas, and minimize the moderator’s role to only value added tasks. You’ll now see the option for wiki-style editing of ideas in IdeaScale with the “revise” button. At any point, the moderator can revert to an existing edit, if needed, by clicking on the “history” button.

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Some of our clients complained about the options (or the lack thereof) on this feature — In some cases it MAY NOT make sense to allow your users to refine and modify ideas. We’ve since then added in another option to disable Global Revisions (Idea Authors and moderators can still revise, but other users will not be able to revise ideas) — See screenshot below.

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