Mobile Feedback with IdeaScale iPhone Support

iphone_ideascale.pngMy sister and my mom switched to using an iPhone a few months back (after a 1 week stint with a blackberry storm). When I was helping my sister set it up, I realized something very notable in the entire setup process: we never *had* to connect it physically to a computer to configure it. Once we added her MobileMe account to the phone, all her email, contacts, addresses, appointments dropped right into the phone. In addition to that, her day to day usage doesn’t require a tether either: she buys music in the iTunes store, downloads apps, etc. She was shocked b/c, her old Palm Treo (of about 3 years) required some serious hacking to even sync with a USB “tether”.

This is significant not only because its an obvious departure from Apple’s digital hub strategy, but it underscores a deeper trend: a large percentage of people are perfectly fine with using a mobile smart phone for the majority of their computing needs. And its showing: a recent report by Opera shows mobile web traffic growing by 463% from 2007-2008.

In addition to that, the iPhone garners the majority of mobile web traffic. To that end, it obviously makes sense to add yet another avenue to gather ideas through your IdeaScale portal: iPhones! All IdeaScale portals are fully “iPhone aware” now. Basically, when users visit your IdeaScale portal, it’ll automatically serve up iPhone optimized CSS/HTML.

There are lots of implications for where/how this could be used – we are looking forward to hearing from you! Please any feedback about this module at our IdeaScale portal (under “IdeaScale).

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