Idea Graduation with IdeaScale


Here is a common scenario: your organization has both an external IdeaScale portal for the general public and an internal portal for sensitive/strategic idea discussion. Naturally, there comes a point where ideas generated on the public portal need to be brought into the internal portal to be shepherded through any internal processes.

Thus, we’re happy to announce the ability to “graduate” or copy an idea to another portal in your account. To enable this feature:

  • Login to the IdeaScale admin panel
  • Click “settings” for the panel you’d like to graduate ideas *from*
  • Choose the portal you’d like to graduate ideas *to* next to, “Graduate Ideas to Portal”
  • Now login to the portal you’d like to graduate ideas *from* as a moderator
  • Click on the idea detail screen for an idea, then “Graduate Idea”

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