All Tools Included (QuestionPro – IdeaScale – MicroPoll)

qp_other_tools.pngWhen you log in to QuestionPro, IdeaScale, or MicroPoll, you’ve probably noticed the other applications in the very upper left hand corner. In the past, there was an additional fee to use these other tools.
However, today we’re happy to announce that all these other tools are included! So if you’re a QuestionPro user now, you’ll get to use IdeaScale and MicroPoll for free (and vice versa).
What are these other tools and what are they used for?

micropoll-video.gif is an online tool for creating simple one question polls that can be embedded anywhere. Use them on your blog, company website, or anywhere else you can think of! Take the tour here.

ideascale-video.gif gives you the power to collect qualitative feedback by leveraging your crowd of customers/users. Users visit a company branded portal and submit ideas/feedback. Others can vote these ideas up or down, comment on the idea, etc. Build a community around your best ideas and get answers to questions before you thought to ask. Building a portal is as easy as creating a survey – try it out today!

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