IdeaScale coverage on AdWeek


Today we got some coverage in AdWeek about IdeaScale and how politics is turning to technology and social media. The basic premise of the article is that public policy, political campaigns can stand apart and learn from companies as they design listening systems. Today it’s heavily biased and tilted towards traditional listening models like Surveys and Focus Groups. A few forward thinking users are using alternate listening models like IdeaScale.

QuestionPro/Surveys have been used by many politicians and in public policy for a long time now. One example of surveys being used in public policy is right here in King Country (Seattle) – by King County Parks — – This is basically a survey!

However, we believe that there is an alternate and very powerful model for collecting collaborative feedback using IdeaScale. So far we’ve had a few public policy/political establishments use IdeaScale for crowdsouring feedback:

Anyways: here is the link to the Article:

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