New Ideas from QuestionPro Feedback via IdeaScale [Jul 07, 2008 – Jul 14, 2008]

Static list of “My Surveys” on sidebar to

Updating/altering 2+ surveys in a sitting is arduous —

how about offering a static survey link to the surveys one has developed in the sidebar….allowing one to access the same page (task) for each individual survey during the same sitting….eliminating a need for clicks on several tabs and links to make modifications/updates?

Example: 3 surveys….1 developer…. question/response modification needed….developer accesses one page in one of the surveys and modification is made….click on sidebar link to access the same page for modification in each different survey.

Tags : tabs modification changes access multiple change mysurveys
Comments (1)Posted By : R.T. on 07/12/2008 under Survey Development

QuestionPro: List Signup Form to Recruit Respondents

It’d be very helpful to be able to have a sign-up form that populates a QuestionPro email list, similar to ContactPro. Example here:

Tags : list management
Comments (0)Posted By : Rob Hoehn on 07/12/2008 under Survey Delivery

Combined Reports

Can we have same type of segments like we have for individual report ..for the combined reports.

Client ( user Id: 390619 ):
I need the same type of report WITH segments like if there were only one survey. Or, it is useless


Comments (0)Posted By : shrikant.shinde on 07/09/2008 under Reporting Tools

Export Batch Processing status

The Export Batch Processing status for “Email Stats Sent” doesn’t work fine. Many times we received an empty Excel sheet. We cannot control that so the task turns to be sort for randomly lucky when you get to see the data!
Comments (0)Posted By : antoine on 07/09/2008 under Bugs/Issues

“Close Survey” button option

From a Usability standpoint, it would be nice to have the ability to provide a “close window” button (for the “thank you” page, rather than respondants having to close the window by X-ing out.
Comments (0)Posted By : jayf on 07/08/2008 under Survey Development

Enable “Action Alert” emails for open ended questions

Action Alerts currently enables a user to get notified immediately when a respondant answers a value on rating scale.

I twould be nice to enable action alert emails to go out based on an open-ended text box comment as well. This way the “Voice of the Customer” can be heard in real time.

Tags : action alert email response based email
Comments (0)Posted By : jayf on 07/08/2008 under Survey Development

“Print Page” Option at thank you page

I twould be nice to have a “Print Page” option at the close of the survey, for record keeping purposes.
Tags : print print option
Comments (0)Posted By : jayf on 07/08/2008 under Survey Development

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