Launched – Powered By IdeaScale

Jefferey Feldman from the Daily Kos just put out a blog entry launching — A crowdsourced question collection tool for a Q&A session with the Speaker – Nancy Pelosi.

What was cool about this launch?

  1. Gina Cooper – The organizer for the event (NetRoots Nation) contacted me yesterday around 1PM PST.
  2. We talked for about 10 minutes and realized that our standard offering of the URL ( will not work – We needed something more customized so that the IdeaScale portal can be hosted in a new/separate domain –in this case
  3. We helped her setup the DNS for and made internal changes so our servers start responding to that URL.
  4. By 5PM yesterday we were ready.
  5. The site was launched today and publicized on the Daily Kos in the morning.

In less than 24 hours of initial contact Gina and I were able to understand each others position and get agreement and launch a pilot project.

Here is one idea Gina suggested —

  • Being able to customize the “New Idea” button

If we get more requests for creating these “Ask The [Person]” portals, then we can probably come up with another template for such portals and make it happen.

Meanwhile, if you have questions for Nancy Pelosi – Go here and submit it. Gina and Jefferey will be moderating a Q&A with her and might choose your question.

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