IdeaScale Updates – New Features

Wanted to share a few updates regarding IdeaScale with everyone.

Tagging Upgrade:

We’ve revamped how we do tags. Tags now display the total number of times users have used a tag, as well as the ability to click on a tag and search all entries related to that tag.

Pending Items:

  • Tag Cloud (or something that displays the leaderboard of tags)
  • Integrating tags with search

Personalized Messages:
Using Cookies to “Remember” your last visit to an ideascale portal. If you’ve visited an IdeaScale portal, and come back after a couple of days, you’ll see a message like the screen below — based on what has changed since you last visited.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Activity Charts:

Activity charts to give you a ballpark idea on how many users are voting up and down the ideas.

Twitter Integration:

Integrate your IdeaScale portal with Twitter.

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