Notes from CASRO Technology Conference: SMS Research

400px-Mobile_phone_evolution.jpgLots of great presentations today at the CASRO Technology conference. One of the themes today has been SMS marketing and research. I culled out some interesting notes from all the talks that I thought you might enjoy:
-Mobile phone market is exploding (presented with too many slides to make the point)
-23% of US mobile subscribers say they have been exposed to adverts or marketing on their phone
-Only way to reach people that don’t have a landline (duh)
-Phones are deeply personal – must be careful about contacting people
-95% of phones can receive SMS/text messaging
-SMS can be used for: alerts, info, messages, coupons, surveys
-SMS research always has faster response times
-Better to execute short SMS interviews over time vs long surveys over short time
-Data plans are expensive and requires special hardware thus explains 20% mobile web adoption rate
We’ve integrated SMS polling within for some time now. Its interesting to see the myriad of SMS market research projects that companies have implemented already. Do you have a need for some type of SMS research? Is there a particular feature related to SMS research that you need or are unable to find? Submit an idea today – we’d love to hear your SMS related feedback/ideas.

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