BugLabs Using IdeaScale – Their viewpoint.

I’ve been working closely with the BugLabs “Marketing Guy” Jeremy Toeman – About IdeaScale and how they can leverage IdeaScale to gather ideas and feedback for the different systems and products they should focus on.

If you are unfamiliar with BugLab :

BUG makes it fun and easy to build any gadget you can imagine. Build familiar things like digital cameras and GPS locators
or create new devices like a LoCamMotion or a GeoPhotoShooter or an Accel-o- Mailer or … the list is endless!

From Jeremy’s post:

Our goal is to have the voice of the community at large play a loud
part in our product planning. This means we’d like to know how the
ideas you are all sharing really rank with each other. One person’s
all-important laser range finder module is another person’s worst.
idea. ever. And the forums don’t really let you express that very
easily. Enter IdeaScale.

One of the things that we are learning as we push through this crowdsourced feedback model is that while technologies like Forum’s and Wiki’s exists, they are not the best suited for feedback. There is “too much chatter” in forums and it really becomes difficult to separate the apples from the oranges.

Check out BugLabs IdeaScale.

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