New Ideas from QuestionPro Feedback via IdeaScale [May 06, 2008 – May 13, 2008]

Weighted responses

Is it possible to integrate a weighting system into the software – whereby I can weight the data to be representative relative to a lack of responses from particular demographics?

Comments (0)Posted By : kevin.wynne on 05/13/2008 under Reporting Tools

Open ended responses

Staying with open-ended responses – is their of getting breakdown report of what was said – currently to analyze the data I need to copy into excel – sort alphabetically and then group according to similarities….Can something be done to make this easier?

Maybe a system where I can input the categories of responses and the software can assign statements based on keywords or phrases?


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Reminders are sent to non respondents of a survey on the basis of the email list created. If some people do not have access to their email (out of office) and decide to complete the survey by using the internet link, they will receive a reminder to take the survey but they will already have taken it !
I would suggest to be able to remove some addresses from the email list before sending reminders.
Comments (0)Posted By : s.graf on 05/12/2008 under Survey Delivery

Grouping/Segmentation filters

Because you have a limit of 10 groups when using the grouping/segmentation filtering function, we’re forced to delete filters if we surpass this benchmark. It would be more efficient if we could keep all filters that we create and just activate/inactivate them as we broach/surpass the 10 group limit.
Comments (0)Posted By : Shari Countryman on 05/09/2008 under Reporting Tools

Validation error messages

I have a couple suggestion regarding the validation error messages:
1) When enabling validation on a per question basis, I’ve noticed that the default error message for a multiple choice question which requires only one response is “please choose at least one answer.” I think this is confusing for respondents as in a case like this, we only want them to choose a single answer, not more than one.
2) I have a few questions in my survey that are followed by open-ended text comment boxes. QuestionPro counts each one of these comment boxes as a question (even though I don’t) so that any validation error messages that pop up on questions that follow do not reference the correct question number. Very confusing for any respondent who uses the validation error hyperlinks at the top of the page to access the questions for which they’re missing responses.
Comments (0)Posted By : Shari Countryman on 05/09/2008 under Survey Development

Banner Reports

I think it would be a really good idea to have the mean included in the banner table. For instance, it would be useful to know the average score for a particular group to a particular question.
Comments (0)Posted By : shrikant.shinde on 05/08/2008 under Reporting Tools

IdeaScale Moderation/Authentication Settings

The following setting is not working properly:

High – Authenticated Users Only
Users MUST be logged into the site to view ideas, comments. New users must be approved by the moderator.

Even with this setting, new users can create accounts, view, post, and have full run of the site without initial approval from the Moderator.

Also, the “Top Contributors” section is shown on the site before logging in with a site under the “High – Authenticated Users Only” setting.

Comments (0)Posted By : bill.ralston on 05/08/2008 under Bugs/Issues

Special Characters

Custom fields are not allowed to have special characters like accents. To deploy on several languages a personalized invitation I must add a dear Mr. or dear Mrs. depending on gender and language plus the name of the person. As example in the French language you have Chère Madame (for Dear Mrs) with an accent in the first e. Having no accent will be seeing as misspelled and not seriously. There are names in Spanish that having no accents are misspelled as well. There are other languages like in German having characters like ä, ü and ö.
Could you please arrange that custom fields accept special characters?
Comments (0)Posted By : antoine on 05/06/2008 under Bugs/Issues

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