Dell “IdeaStorm” style site – For the Unfortunate 5 Million (!Fortune 500) small community here in Seattle of tech geeks are working hard to plan their upcoming conference. They are called the “Six Hour Startup” — the basic premise is – they want to create a startup — you guessed it — IN SIX HOURS.

The Six Hour Startup (or SHS) is a tight knit groups of technology geeks, design dudes, marketing folks that get together once a month (on a Saturday) and launch a new startup!

They are currently trying out IdeaScale — Check out some ideas that people have proposed:

This example reflects crowd-sourced feedback in a very distinct way — Typically most users would have done a survey — but the issue here, when you run a survey is that users cannot really “collaborate” — in the Web 2.0 world, what is life without collaboration?!

If you are in the Seattle area, you should checkout their site : and more importantly, if you are a tech geek or thinking of starting a company, you should check out their conference :

If you want to setup an IdeaScale for your blog, company or cause — Fire up an account @ IdeaScale and get rolling!

BTW – If you are wondering what the title means (“Unfortunate 5 Million”) — We all know and talk about the Fortune 500 – Well, we think there are a lot of tools and services that others need, but don’t have the kind of cash to blow – I call them the Unfortunate 5 Million. I am not sure who coined that term, but I’ve decided to use it.

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