RSS Feed for the QuestionPro IdeaScale Portal.

We just added a new feature into the IdeaScale portal for QuestionPro — RSS feeds of recent ideas and suggestions posted for QuestionPro.

If you are not into RSS, here is a quick Wikipedia definition of RSS. We all here @ QuestionPro all use Google Reader as our RSS client, although Mac Fanboy Rob Hoehn uses the integrated reader that comes with the Mac email client. It’s good that we do not have “corporate” guidelines on the RSS clients that we can use.

If you are not into RSS, I highly encourage to get on that train. I was not convinced about RSS and a few months ago discovered Google Reader and since then I am addicted to my RSS feeds. If fact, if some site is not in my RSS Reader it’s lost.

The sheer volume of information that you can process via RSS is simply mind-blowing. I subscribe to about 30 different feeds (from tech, to market research and for competitive intelligence) — and with my RSS reader I can easily keep a pulse on what is going on all the time. One of the first things I learned in Engineering school was to “optimize the item that takes most amount of time” — in other words, I spend a _lot_ of time on the Internet, assimilating information — that simply is part of my job. With an RSS reader, you can accumulate and assimilate information much more efficiently than by going on the web to each of the sites — not to mention that you don;’t have to look at annoying banner ad’s while reading through the RSS reader!

One response to “RSS Feed for the QuestionPro IdeaScale Portal.

  1. In my defense, I use BOTH Google Reader and the RSS functionality in Apple Mail. Google reader is my aggregator and the uber important feeds (“research industry” feed for example) get added to Apple Mail. Thus the articles show up just like regular email. Firebird has had this for some time now.