Webinar Update : Thanks

Thanks everyone who came the the short webinar. I felt that the webinar flew by really fast. I am used to giving detailed webinars, but since most of you were existing users, I think I cut through most of the fluff I usually talk about.

Anyway, some interesting questions that came up:

Q: Webinar Recording:
A: Hmm — Well, the GotoWebinar recording is not exactly stellar. Maybe we should pony up and pay for LiveMeeting? We’ll try to doctor up the recording and see if we can post it in the next week.

Q: What Question Types can be used with TURF?

At this point, the Select All that Apply — Multiple Choice (Select Many) question type is integrated. We are planning on integrating
Matrix Questions also with the tool so that you can specify a “criteria” within a matrix to represent a selection (checkbox)

Q: What about Line Optimization and Price Modelling?

Line Optimization and Price Modeling are used when you have extraneous factors (like cost of each of the options) etc. At this point, we do _not_ have too much documentation around it. I’ll see what we can do to beef that up.

Q: Can we combine data across multiple surveys for running TURF?

No. The current “combining” tool only works with regular Frequency analysis and combines them. If we get a lot of requests for running combined TURF (where you want to combine the data across multiple surveys) and then run TURF analysis on them, we’ll probably do it. For the most part, regular frequency analysis combining works pretty well in that situation.

Q: Can TURF be combined with logic like Extraction etc.?

Yes. The logic has not bearing on TURF analysis. You can run Extraction AND TURF on the same question.

Q: Can I get some more information on survey analysis (general)?

Yes: Here is a link :http://www.questionpro.com/akira/showArticle.do?articleID=survey-analysis

Q: Next Webinar Topic?

GAP Analysis: Measuring Importance and Satisfaction: Click on the link below to register: It’s on Tuesday May 6th.

Kevin Battey (the other Co-Founder of QuestionPro) will be presenting this.

As usual, thank you guys for taking the time to come over. Just so that everyone knows, I know of at least two attendees as far away as France and Italy who joined us, other than our favorite clients from Southern California and the US.

Hopefully this was helpful. At this point, we’ll stick to our Once-A-Month Webinar Schedule. We might change things around (increase frequency) later if we are launching new tools/services.

Obligatory PLUG:

Everytime I talk to clients, I get at least a few good ideas (TURF on Matrix, TURF+ Combined Reports). If you ever have suggestions and Ideas for us, please feel free to post it on our IdeaScale Portal here:

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