Remember Time Limits on Your Internet Connection?

Those days are long over and so are the days of charging for usage on many things on the internet. Like surveys… As you may have noticed, QuestionPro now offers UNLIMITED survey responses for every single license level, including our Free license. Charging per survey complete is really an artifact of the days of snail mail paper surveys when there was an actual hard cost to paper, stamps, etc. In a hosted model, there is obviously some sort of cost to the volume of surveys that we field, but the cost of a request to our servers is too minuscule to base a pricing model. So, everything should just be free? right?…well, no.
Fundamentally, our pricing model is based on a couple factors, one of which is, of course, the cost to support a user. This cost comes in the form of email, phone, and chat support. As a customer moves up through license levels, they are exposed to more complex functionality which require more support which costs more, plain and simple.
The next factor in the model is the utility or value that a customer may gain through accessing certain features at certain license levels. We think the easiest way to measure utility for our customers is the amount of time (headaches) we save by delivering features that help you get your job done. The indirect cost to us for features is normally in the development and testing of complex features. For example, the delivery of TURF took many more developer man hours than the delivery of a simple mean calculation. BUT, trying to do that calculation using some other method (outside of other stat packages) will likely end up as a massive drain on your time…and time, well, time is money, as they say.
Now, this is our simplified take on things. There are a million other pieces that make up the true cost of a customer. But, we use these factors to guide our pricing and distribution of features across license levels. We don’t actually have any MBA’s on board here, so this admittedly may fly in the face of traditional pricing theories.
One thing is for certain, charging for usage is a thing of the past. Charging for more users or large amounts of disk space may make sense, but if you’re paying for simple posts to a server and small bits of data, then you should ask yourself, “What am I actually paying for?”
Why not unlimited email invitations?? Well, the spammers of the world have prevented us from opening up the email system. They’ve ruined that part of the unlimited model, but sending limitations are set reasonably enough via our system, and you can always use your own website or email system to collect more responses.

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