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The blogging world is an interesting and infectious space of information sharing. It’s obviously a disruptive technology — what used to be the old media stronghold of a few publications delivering news, now is replaced by hundreds of blogs that distribute information.

Mark Kupferman

Case in point is MarketResearchTech — Hosted by Mark Kupferman. I’ve been following his blog for quite some time — As a CEO in the research space, its obviously my job to keep a tab the market and who is influencing and who is writing about what. Many times I also go an comment on blogs even when they are critical to QP. Mark used to blog regularly but then stopped for a while — I think he’s back on track and blogging regularly. I would highly recommend that you subscribe to his blogs feed:

He recently blogged about our QuestionPro Blog – And he got it right away. We use the blog for two broad purposes:

  1. Deliver information about products, services and enhancements. This is important because we are enhancing and upgrading services constantly. One of the great things about SaaS (Software as a Service) is that we do not really do product releases as with traditional software. We make changes as and when we think it’s necessary and deliver solutions in Internet time.
  2. Educate and share information with users about the Online Research world. We learn a lot, primarily based on our association with different researchers and clients and see many different implementation strategies. We’d like to share this with our customers so that you can learn from items that work and things that don’t.

BTW, one of the best (and funniest) posts from Mark is this one about Fake Software Reviews of SurveyMethods (ResearchThink) here:

The funny part was not that he caught them, but the Ad-Sense ads on that blog post — One of them was for ResearchThink!! (The Fake Review Site!!!)

OK – Seriously here are some good posts that I think are relevant:

Thanks Mark for keeping everyone honest!

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