Survey URL Options with QuestionPro

I get lots of questions that fly by about different URL options for surveys. At QuestionPro, we support all different types of “URL Branding” options, depending on the extent of your needs (and how much technical jargon you can handle).
Default URL
To start, we have the default URL. Each survey in QuestionPro is assigned a unique survey ID, which you’ll see in the unique URL that is automatically created for each survey. The default URL for a survey looks as follows:
Where XXXXXX is your unique Survey ID. More discussion on that here.
Short URL
The default URL is a bit lengthy and when you are mailing the links (snail mail) or giving the links on phone, its tedious to get the URL right. To make survey distribution even easier we provide the Short URL option. For each survey in QuestionPro you can set up a unique Short URL. For example:

More info on creating short URLs here.
Custom URL Branding (aka CNAME or sub-domain redirect)
QuestionPro also provides a completely branded solution. The Custom URL Branding option allows you to pick a URL (or use an existing domain/sub-domain) for all your survey initiatives. So instead of the URL being from, you can make it look like its coming from your organization, but still host the survey with our tools. For example:
Note: with the Custom URL option, you will be unable to use SSL in your surveys (this is a limitation of SSL technology). More info on Custom URL branding here.

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