Got this in my INBOX — Feedback

I got this email from Anton Shugla today.

Dear Vivek,

Thank you very much for being a founder of such a great service! I was looking for
an appropriate host for my survey and I’ve looked for free online surveys
comparison in a search engine. Accidentally I found a link to this page http:// ,
where you were describing your service in a comments. After I’ve read a couple of
your posts I became sure: QuestionPro is a right service for me! At first, I was not
intended to pay anything and I was looking for a free survey tool with MORE than
100 responses available for free account holders. Other services like
surveymonkey allowed only 100 responses for free surveys. So the bottomline is – I
was captured by a very convenient usage conditions at QuestionPro. But that was
just a begining!
After I’ve set up an account, I’ve encountered a very nice and intuitive interface to
set up my survey: loads of different elements interconnected with logical clauses +
different templates and NO AD’s on a survey! More than that, (even though I don’t
have a website – I’m just a student) I was able to set up a redirect page for a user
after survey submission!
As I expected, at first time I got a little more than 100 responses and was very
happy. But, thanks to a fast and convenient QuestionPro survey layout, in next 12
hours I got more than 350 responses! That was absolutely awesome, because I
haven’t had any advertising company or something – just posted a couple of links
on a forum. And even more – now I’m able to export a survey results in a small, but
valuable XLS file!
Thank you very much Vivek and QuestionPro! If I’ll ever need to run a big survey, I’ll
definitely get a better edition of account

One of the interesting things here is that he mentions a blog post by Daniel Moth (that actually rips on QP) for our usability and 100 response limit. Usability is one of those things that is a tricky one — it really is more of an art than a science. Features are easy to build, but building usable features (that don’t freak people out) is a lot more challenging.

As many of you may know, we;ve made some significant changes to the way the system works around the Question Wizard. I know this has caused some headaches to some of our longer term customers (new interface, items switched around etc.) but this is in our opinion a better model to go with in the long term. Since we are now in this massive political debate over “change” (at least in the US) we thought this would be a good time to “change” the system! Change involves some risk, but here the benefits outweigh it.

Anyways, we are always looking for ways to improve the system and since we are in the feedback business we obviously take feedback to heart (hey we should eat our own dog food.) I know there may be times when you may have requested support for a feature or an enhancement and it may not have “percolated” up the chain of command here. Unfortunately this is one of the side-effects of a fast-growing company — as we become a more mature company, some items fall through the cracks. I always say this to clients when we talk about developing some complex solution — We can build ANYTHING — but we cannot build EVERYTHING. We have to prioritize features and take into account usability and finally of course take into account profitability (yes we have to pay our mortgages also) when we make decisions on what to build.

Now, in the spirit of “openness” we are launching a portal where you can see what we are actually working on and also submit ideas and suggestions on what we _should_ be working on. In previous blog posts we may have alluded to this via “IdeaFactory” — well, we decided to call the tool “IdeaScale” — random trademark issues. To view ideas and submit new ideas for QuestionPro please check this out:

I want to take a minute and give a special shout-out to Sharianne Greer from ING Advisors, Francois Vadrot from Aphania (a French boutique  agancy) and  David Prahl from American Imaging who have kickstarted our IdeaScale even without us “officially” launching it. I am not actually sure how they even found the URL to our IdeaScale portal! Thank you guys!

I’ll be posting a more detailed blog entry about the concept in a separate blog post. I’ll also regularly take suggestions from the IdeaScale and post it in the blog to get more detailed feedback if we need more people to weigh in.

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