Our New Question Wizard Interface

question_wizard.jpg One of the hardest things about having a loyal customer/fan base using your software, is that it can be a bit bumpy trying to make UI enhancements. On one end, you want to address concerns that a new user might have when first introduced to the system (aka, “non-intuitive UI”). However, one will soon find that balancing the former without upsetting your current user base can leave the road to innovation and change quite bumpy.
That being said we bring you the new and improved, AJAX powered, question wizard! Now you can add questions faster than a speeding bullet, tweak questions in a flash, even reference recently used scales like butter! We are very excited to offer a much faster and more intuitive way to churn out surveys and drive results.
As I mentioned, the road can get bumpy. Its a little nerve racking when you click on “Add Question” and a flashy AJAX window pops up instead of the old clunky wizard. Never fear, our rock-star support team is here! They’ve been busy soothing our customers nerves, pointing the veteran survey builder to the proper screen to create an extraction question, tweak a validation, or add a scale to a question.
We hope you enjoy the new question wizard – we continue to work hard to make survey building as easy as possible.

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